I’m so excited to share our family day out at the Legends in Kansas City! We enjoyed tacos at El Toro Loco, had dessert at Dapper Doughnut, enjoyed some fresh air on the new Legends Lawn and played ALL THE GAMES at Dave & Buster’s! Here we go…

We raced our way around the new green space, also known as the #LegendsLawn
The chairs are so comfy! If you are looking for a great place to shop for ALL THE THINGS this Fall & want to bring the hubby or kiddos with, this is the perfect spot for them while you shop.

We absolutely love playing and running and just having fun on the new Legends Lawn! It’s the perfect spot to chill while waiting on a dinner reservation. Also, I think Nate will be more willing to go shopping with me now that he knows where this area is located. 😉

We made our way to El Toro Loco where they serve fresh, authentic Mexican food made 100 percent from scratch. You won’t find these delicious dishes anywhere else in Kansas City. Ofcourse we had to eat on Tuesday where tacos were just $1. They have Specials all day, every day for lunch and dinner. And parents here’s an extra treat for your pocketbook, kids eat free every Wednesday and Sunday. Happy Hour happens every day, including weekends, from 2-6pm.

@El Toro Loco

Our next stop was a fam favorite, because it included eating donuts. But not just any old donut, we went to The Dapper Doughnut! At The Dapper Doughnut, they never do things the boring way. The doughnuts are “cake style”. They are light and moist and slightly crunchy. The girls loved watching their doughnuts being made fresh. They are custom designed and decorated with the freshest ingredients and sauces. The toppings are proprietary and each donut is custom created right in front of you. They offer 24 unique toppings and sugars, so the combinations of topping are virtually endless.

Ayla loves taking photos. Thank goodness, I know someday that may all change.
So many choices and such dapper doughnuts.

We shopped our way to Dave & Buster’s. Dad got some new gear at the Nike Factory Store, Mom got a couple candles at Bath & Body Works and the girls got to pick out something at Claire’s.

Have you all been to Dave & Buster’s? Ayla and Ayden LOVE this place, and I’d be lying if I told you that I don’t enjoy it either. Honestly, I think Nate has the most fun.

I mean, look at his face! He’s like a kid trapped in a man’s body. (haha)
So much fun @Dave&Buster’s

I didn’t snap a photo of the car ride home, but it was epic. The girls both fell asleep right away and I ate the rest of our dapper doughnuts (lol). That really did happen by the way.

I’m going to end by saying, if you are looking for a place to basically do ALL OF THE THINGS, check out Legends in KC! We had a blast together, and I’m sure you will too!

As always, thanks so very much for reading.

xox, Karlie

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