KCFW S/S ’19 Trends

KCFW S/S 2019 Trends

What a whirlwind week, but what an amazing one too!  Although KCFW went really quick, I had a great time meeting new Kansas City influencers and designers. It’s such a busy few days, but I left feeling inspired. Not only with fashion, but inspiration for the younger generations to follow their dreams and be happy at whatever career they choose.  I was inspired for my two little girls, that their future is what they make it, not what the world conforms it to become!  I especially left feeling inspired by the amazing fashion and thought of new ways to incorporate the styles I saw on the runway into my own wardrobe.  Most of the trends are too much for my basic, simple style to handle, BUT there are always a select group of staple trends I see on the runway that I want to bring into my everyday style.  I’m so excited to share them with you NOW…

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