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So excited to share that Walmart InHome Delivery is available in KC! Sharing all about the installation and delivery process below.

My smart controller was installed for garage entry this week, and I can open and close my garage door right from the Walmart InHome app. A Level Lock can be installed to your front door, allowing you to open and lock your door from the app. This feature alone is pretty awesome, but wait There’s MORE! 😉

Mike from Walmart did an AWESOME job installing my smart controller. He was kind enough to do a boomerang for the gram with me!

Now before anyone gets anxious about someone delivering groceries inside the home, lets cover some logistics:

1️⃣ All Walmart InHome personal are FULL-TIME REAL Walmart employees.  They are NOT contracted out by a third party.

2️⃣ The groceries are delivered straight to your fridge or pantry by allowing a one time access code via your smart controller to the Walmart delivery employee. 

3️⃣ The employee WILL BE wearing a camera that will be on and live for you to view during the delivery process.  So basically what I’m saying is this process has been put into place by going above and beyond all the safety measures a consumer could think of🤗.

4️⃣ Let’s talk about CONVENIENCE! As a Mom, this 👏 is 👏 EVERYTHING, am I right? I can’t wait to hit the gym and maybe grab lunch with my girls and then come home to a fully stocked fridge 🙌🏻.

After your smart lock is installed you will be free to order groceries for delivery. You order groceries just like you would for pick-up, but just change your option to InHome Delivery. Once your date and time have been selected, you can add notes for your Walmart InHome Associate.

I like to put my pantry items away, and because I set up my delivery time shortly after I arrived home from the gym, I just asked Heather (Walmart InHome Associate) to leave everything on the kitchen counter. If you won’t be home all day, no problem. They will put all your cold and freezer items away for you. It’s really that easy! No need to instruct the InHome Associate to put perishable items away, they will do it automatically. They are that good!

The app is user-friendly, I’m talking busy-Mom, multi-tasking friendly. It took me no time to navigate my way through the set up and delivery process. You’ll get updates with where your groceries are and you can even watch them being delivered into your home.

I already hit some key points above, but really want to say I’m most excited about the convenience factor of this service. Mike and Heather from Walmart did a fantastic job. I felt safe the entire time and it saved me a trip to the store with my mini-monster. (haha) Total Mom Win!

If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me a message or DM via Instagram/Facebook. If this service would benefit you, you can find more information here.

As always, thanks so much for reading!

Karlie @aylensblog

Post sponsored by Walmart InHome.

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