KCFW S/S ’19 Trends

KCFW S/S 2019 Trends

What a whirlwind week, but what an amazing one too!  Although KCFW went really quick, I had a great time meeting new Kansas City influencers and designers. It’s such a busy few days, but I left feeling inspired. Not only with fashion, but inspiration for the younger generations to follow their dreams and be happy at whatever career they choose.  I was inspired for my two little girls, that their future is what they make it, not what the world conforms it to become!  I especially left feeling inspired by the amazing fashion and thought of new ways to incorporate the styles I saw on the runway into my own wardrobe.  Most of the trends are too much for my basic, simple style to handle, BUT there are always a select group of staple trends I see on the runway that I want to bring into my everyday style.  I’m so excited to share them with you NOW…

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Picks 2018


It’s finally here! Christmas in July!  There is soooo much good stuff this year & I can’t wait to break it down for ya! I found some amazing items that I’m excited to wear this Fall! Today is the first day of the sale for card holders!  It’s one of a kind because you actually get to shop the new Fall/Winter line at a discounted price early & then it goes back to regular price.  I’m going to be the first to tell you that it sucks when you walk into the store and see the products you WISH you would have grabbed during the Nsale at regular price.

I will add some photos on here soon, but for now I wanted to share with you the top items I know will sell out extremely fast!  Happy Shopping!!

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Part 2 // Botox & Fillers

FINALLY…it’s time to show you the before & during photos of my Botox & Filler experience with Monarch Plastic Surgery & Kristen Kneidel!

PSA: PROMO for all of you! $50 off when you book in the month of March & $50 off your follow-up appointment.  If you’ve ever been interested or want a consultation NOW is the time.  This deal is only valid for the first 50 people who call & mention aylensblog!

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New YOU in the New YEAR! (Part 1)

New YOU in the New YEAR…are you tired of hearing that yet?  😉  As a family, we’ve decided to cut sugar from our diet, not completely but we’ve made some great changes!  I’ve also decided to really focus during my workout classes and dedicate that hour to bettering myself so I can take care of my family the rest of the day.  Besides these life changes in 2018, I wanted to get your feedback on procedures/beauty routine goals.

Okay gals, first of all, thanks to everyone who filled out the email survey!  I had a TON of great feedback & I’m so excited to share all the answers with you from an expert in the medical/beauty field.
Side Note: The survey went out to a random selection, so if you didn’t receive one this time…you probably will next time. 🙂

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TopShop Sweater

Happy New Year, week one is officially behind us!  For all my KC girls out there, this morning around 2am it finally reached 33 degrees which put us above freezing for the first time in 16 days!  This week I struggled making it to all of my workouts, and I think it was the combo of the freezing temps & post-holiday hoopla! 😉  I am super excited to start this week & officially get back on track.  I am cutting sugar out of my diet & will share more about why & recipes soon!

Today, I wanted to share this sweater that you may have seen on Insta.  I love the details & fit!  I can’t wait to share it with you all…
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