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Have you seen this image on my IG and thought, LET’S SEE THE RESULTS? Well today, I’m going to share it all! Here we GO!

I’ve had a TON of questions asking what in the world Emsculpt does and why I’m trying it out. So first I will answer what it is, then share a little about why I felt it could be a good fit for my lifestyle.

Emsculpt shapes and tones the abdomen and buttocks by building and toning muscle, and in some cases decreasing fat volume. On the abdomen, Emsculpt is able to increase muscle volume and strength, and studies also show it can cause a decrease in abdominal fat. On the buttocks region, our main target is to build muscle, resulting in a sculpted lift. Emsculpt utilizes a High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology that results in supramaximal contractions. These contractions caused by Emsculpt in Kansas City are physically unachievable during traditional work out methods. Each Emsculpt treatment is the equivalent to 20,000 crunches or ab contractions. If you choose to use Emsculpt on the buttocks region each treatment adds up to around 20,000 lunges. –AesthetiCareKC

There is zero downtime and the appointments are only 30 minutes long. They can be intense, but after the first 3-5 minutes your body just gets into a rhythm. I’m weird, so I actually enjoyed feeling my ab muscles contract. It was rather satisfying…like doing a plank and beating your time. It was kind of hard to wrap my mind around the fact that I was strengthen my core by relaxing on a bed in the dark with no-one yelling MOM a million times. That might have been the hardest thing about this entire procedure. (haha)

Okay, I’d like to target all my mama readers right now. Anyone out there who birthed children, got back into some type of workout routine but recently hit a plateau? I’m a girl mom to Ayla (6) and Ayden (3). After having Ayden, my abdomen muscles decided they didn’t want to move back. I can feel a small space, especially in my lower abs and it DRIVES ME CRAZY. I go to the gym 5 days a week and for the most part, I eat healthy. I do have my moments where a chocolate chip cookie wins and an iced coffee from Starbucks just has to make it home with me. It’s called BALANCE and that’s what life is all about. But there comes a point where working your booty off for the same result gets frustrating. That’s where I was, so I did a lot of research about Emsculpt. I found out that this procedure not only helps with Diastais-Recti non-surgically (as I think all other forms do require surgery), but it also helps strengthen the muscles you worked so hard to build. I’m going to share some images with captions during my treatments. It will show exactly what I was thinking and also show my abdominals going to work.

You can see my stomach contracting. I also shared some videos on my IG highlights showing that the contractions were also working my thigh and calf muscles as well.
My goal was to do over 50 pushups in a row after my 6th treatment. I can do 89 now and my lower back doesn’t hurt after the attempt. SO AWESOME!
I think this is the most important thing to remember. If you aren’t working out or living a healthy, active lifestyle already…Emsculpt is probably not for you. If you are curious the consult is FREE and Laura from AesthetiCareKC is so so knowledgeable.
During the 30 minute treatment, you will hit a phase of pulsing. It happens 2-3 times and it serves as a break to release lactic acid so your body isn’t sore after the treatment. I always felt TIGHT the next day, but never sore.

What to expect after your treatments:

After the first treatment, a difference in the treated area can be felt immediately. Optimal results come 2-4 weeks after a series of 4-6 treatments (keeping those treatments 2-5 days apart). You will feel an increase in strength and tone in the area treated. Maintenance treatments will be on a case by case basis, usually starting at about 3 months post last treatment.

Okay, who’s ready to see the results?

To be honest, my leggings are TIGHT and I should have worn a more comfortable pant for photos. But this really shows some impressive improvement. This is after 6 treatments.
THIS is probably my favorite Before and After. I can VISIBLY see a difference. This is after 6 treatments.

For me, it wasn’t JUST about sculpting my abdominal area and seeing a difference. I really wanted to strengthen the muscles to help me push harder and get stronger during my workouts. I attend classes at Lagree Pulse45 in Overland Park and also classes at Lifetime Fitness in Lenexa. I’ve noticed that my core and back muscles have more endurance which has been AMAZING.

Lastly, this treatment isn’t just for moms. I’ve seen some awesome before and afters on men. I also have a friend (with no kiddos) who tried this out before a trip and LOVED her results. I recommend Laura at AesthetiCareKC! Laura was so kind and helpful in making me feel comfortable during all the 30 minute treatments.

As always, shoot me a message with any questions you have! Thanks so much for reading,

xox -Karlie

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