2017 >>> 2018

Who’s ready to kiss 2017 goodbye & ring in the New Year?  We are going to try and stay up until midnight…which hasn’t happened in like 3 years.  Nate bought passes to Snow Creek in Weston, MO & we planned to use them tonight BUT it’s -8 in KC sooo….our plans changed.  Luckily I had a back-up plan with some fun activities for the entire family.  I’m sharing my favorite champagne drink as well! 🙂

Like I mentioned, we planned a fun trip to  Snow Creek full of fireworks, skiing, tubing & snowy time family fun tonight.  Unfortunately, the weather didn’t want to cooperate & I didn’t want the girls to hate their first skiing experience.  SO…I have planned a family night IN full of drinks, eats & games!

  • Trader Joe’s has the BEST sparkling grape juice.  The girls love to ‘clink’ their glasses together & say cheers! So fancy.  😉
  • I am making a champagne-pomegranate & orange juice cocktail.  (So GOOD)

-1 can of OJ

-1/2 cup of Pomegranate juice

-1 bottle of champagne

-Pomegranate seeds for a garnish.  (I just like to eat the seeds while I sip on my drink).

  • The Cheesecake Factory has some pretty amazing desserts.  We made a stop yesterday to grab some lunch & cheesecakes to-go for our New Years Eve celebration.  My favorite is The Original with fresh strawberries, and the girls love the Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Cheesecake.
  • Nate is excited for our facial & manicure starting around 7pm tonight.  I ordered a sparkling mask that bubbles on your face.  It should be a fun experience for everyone. 🙂 (hahaha) The mask is only $6 with great reviews!
  • Game Night will begin around 9pm.  We like to play Don’t Wake Daddy, Matching Games, & Monopoly.
  • I have a New Years Eve scavenger hunt planned IF everyone stays awake until 11pm…which is highly unlikely.

I hope you all have the best New Years Eve!  Wherever you go & whatever you do, stay warm!

Thanks so much for stopping by & Happy New Year!!
-xox, Karlie

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