Cyber Monday 2018

Hey Hey! Hope you all enjoyed the weekend.  We were in a blizzard warning in KC today, so it was a chili soup and cinnamon roll kind of lazy day.  I love Black Friday, but I’m starting to enjoy Cyber Monday even more.  Not sure if it’s because a lot of the Black Friday specials run again on Monday, AND you don’t feel the pressure to stampede thousands of people to get a good deal… or if I just enjoy shopping and sipping on some wine at the same time. 😉  Either way, I’m excited to share my gift guide with you all!  I will add more to this tomorrow morning, and will more than likely post some other good cyber deals on my IG stories.  Here we GO…

TOP 5 Gifts for Everyone on Your List

For the BOY of the family:

All of these items received great reviews!

  1. The car literally drives up a wall.  I’m sure after a while, it’s also going to drive mama bear up a wall. (haha)
  2. A squeaking pogo stick, AKA a flybar.  Either way, it could make for a fun way to punish your kids. “Okay Billy, go stand on your flybar and do 100 pogo jumps.” (hahaha)
  3. Binoculars.  I don’t even think I need to explain.  They were a number 1 seller and have made the top toy list this year.
  4. This nerf gone looks sweet.  It also looks to carry a lot of those foam bullets which is super handy.
  5. Lastly, a drone.  Because what little boy doesn’t need a drone?  Come on, how cool and this one is under $40.

For the GIRL of the family:

I ordered most of these items for the girls.

  1. That pillow is adorable, and you all know how BIG the sequin thing is these days.
  2. And what’s up with Squishies? My girls are obsessed.  I don’t get it, but they LOVE them.
  3. That scooter looks fast.  Ayla needs to work on her coordination so this should be the perfect combo.
  4. Arts & Crafts.  You show me one girl who doesn’t like a good arts and crafts sesh, and I’ll buy you a Starbs.  I thought this Bead kit would be fun and hopefully entertaining for a couple of hours because #mombloglife.
  5. Lastly, my girls are obsessed with playing store, kitchen, cooking, kids baking championship and everything in-between.   I linked some cute options that you HOPEFULLY won’t have to replace in a years time.

For BOTH kiddos:

  1. Have you all heard of Nylon knives for kids?  Well these are amazing.  My girls always want to help me in the kitchen, so I decided to get these.  They are dishwasher safe, BPA-free, have a non-slip grip handle AND offer a safe for cutting or your money back guarantee!
  2. Lite-Brite…need I say more?  I remember playing with this when I was little.  I love when old toys make a comeback.
  3. And last but certainly not least on my oldest daughters list…walkie talkies.  She’s had these on her Christmas list since October.  She wants to take them skiing and also thought it would be cool to “CALL” me from her room.  (I don’t think that sounds cool at all…haha).

Adding this because it’s 15% off today only AND you get a $15 gift card with your purchase! (Ayla has one and LOVES it.  She’s 5).


For the HUBS/Hunny/Daddy of the family:

  1.  Okay girls, let’s get one thing straight.  The panini maker is definitely for us, but we put it on their “wish list” because we can.  😉
  2. How funny is that toilet golf game?  At least now they have an excuse on WHY it takes so long to go. (haha)
  3. We have the iRing and LOVE it.  Our number 1 door bell ringer is a 6-year-old neighbor girl across the street.  She rings it just to talk to us when she KNOWS we are out of town.  In all honesty, I love it!  If you buy the iRing you get an ECHO dot for free!
  4. Portable speakers are always handy.  This one gets plenty of awesome reviews.
  5. I’ve been searching for a good pair of bluetooth wireless headphones for Nate that DON’T cost $200.  I found these after going through countless reviews.  I just ordered them actually.  Don’t worry, he won’t read the blog post so he’ll never know! 😉

Finally, I’m putting together a little bit of everything I LOVE currently on major cyber sale:

Treat yo’ self



Happy Cyber Monday,

xox- Karlie







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