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Let’s talk eyebrows and your beauty routine.  How many of you use some form of brow pencil or shaper & seem to run out ALL THE TIME?  That was me until I found out about this game changing procedure.  I recently had my brows microbladed by Dax at Body + Soul & I can’t wait to share the results!

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Hey guys!  Happy Friday!

I honestly cannot look at these before & after photos without a wide-eyed expression. It’s such a drastic, amazing difference. 🙂

So…here is my review on the entire procedure…..

First things first, microblading is not a tattoo. I thought for so long that I would be going in to see a tattoo gun and the hairs would be applied to my face that way. Microblading is done by a blade. So, it’s little tiny slices, done by blade and filled with color to give the appearance of eyebrow hair. As you can imagine, it’s not the most comfortable thing to be sliced by a razor blade. However, my gal Dax at Body + Soul  in Hays, KS prepped me and walked me through the best way to handle care before and after the procedure.

The process of microblading is crazy, but I feel it’s so important to find someone you trust. I researched all of Dax’s work ahead of time via Instagram @bodyandsoulhays.  You don’t want to just see brows that the studio has done, you want before and after’s of the actual person who will be performing your microblading. I liked Dax’s final work and brow shape, so I decided I would trust her to essentially “tattoo” my face. I mean, it’s a big commitment to let someone do that, so you want to feel comfortable.

Another thing that I really appreciated was how technical Dax was on color and shape.  I always had the mirror in my hand to see and give feedback on color and shape.

When I left, after the first procedure I was a little freaked out.  The color can be darker and the brow shape may seem larger, especially in the first 3 to 4 days. I told Dax that they kind of looked like caterpillars on my forehead and she just laughed at me and said, give it time!   However, I have not always heard that this is the result so don’t freak out the first few days. I would not suggest making big plans the day of, or even the first following days after. You don’t have to hide in your house, but you probably don’t want to do this the day before a big event, if you get what I’m saying. Actually overall, Dax told me it takes close to a month to fully heal. I can say that has been true. My brows went through various stages. They were darker than they are now at first. They also peeled a little bit in week 2 after the procedure.  Once the month passed and I was fully healed, I noticed a few spots that didn’t fully take or that we missed the first time. That is why there is a touch up appointment scheduled for a month after your first procedure.  Mine was Oct. 28th & although it’s only been about 5 days, I can truly tell a HUGE difference.  🙂

I honestly can say that microblading has changed my look. First of all, it is so nice not to have to fill in my brows everyday, but even more than that, my face feels more symmetrical. I don’t feel like I have to wear as much makeup on the daily either because my brows are always done. I just pop on some concealer and some mascara and roll.  It’s pretty amazing if ya ask me! Pictures & videos don’t lie, and this post is proof! 😉

All in all, I highly recommend microblading. I also recommend finding someone you trust.

Dax’s information is below…if you are interested, contact her & she will work with you…if not, please do your research and truly find someone you trust!

xox- Karlie

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