It’s ALMOST the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…but First, Family Photos!

Hey friends!  Guess what? It’s that time of year again…ya know, where we bribe our kids and beg our hubby to take just one decent family photo.  I’m sharing a guide on how to knock out family photos as quick & painless as possible, outfit details included! 😉

We are getting ready to take family pictures the first weekend in November & sometimes it’s stressful thinking about everything that needs to happen BEFORE the camera even snaps.  Here is a quick guide on what I like to do & how I like to plan out my family photo sesh!

 1. Outfit planning // This is my favorite part of the entire process, until I get to my husband.  (lol) I try to buy things for the girls that I know they will be able to wear again for Thanksgiving or Christmas gatherings.  Ayla loves dressing up and Ayden loves what Ayla loves so…this year it may be a little more fun getting ready than last year.  (Last year Ayden HATED wearing dresses & she’s also super stubborn…you can imagine the joy of prepping for pictures). I’ve planned a Fall blush shoot with a floral & emerald green finish!  Can’t wait to take them & show you all! 🙂

 2. If the kids aren’t having fun then no-one is having fun // If you make your shoot more of an adventure than a chore, the kids will have a blast & your pictures will turn out WAY better than expected.  We always play I-spy on the way to our photo shoot location & I also use incentives for good behavior.  I should really just call it bribery, because that’s what it is. (haha) M&M’s & soda pop always do the trick, because it’s not every day that my girls get them.

 3.  Location is KEY // Depending on the outfits you choose and the weather, your location plays a big role in how your pictures will turn out.  I like to go when the sun is in it’s ‘soft’ stage.  I love taking photos outside, because you truly can’t beat the natural beauty of nature.  With little ones, I try to choose somewhere close to the house so the drive time doesn’t kill the mood.  I’ve learned you can find great places right in your back yard!

4. PINTEREST can help with that //  Take 10 minutes to search for some family photo inspo!  I just got on Pinterest and searched for family photo ideas.  Maybe you like the pose in one photo, but the color or imagery in another.  This is all helpful to your photographer.  Here is mine I created & will share with my husband & our photographer before the session begins.

5. Make it Fun // Sometimes we (as mama’s) get so hyped up for this, we forget to have fun!  I mean, I’m usually thinking..okay fam, we are sending some of these images to over 250 people in a few short weeks so let’s get it together & actually look at the camera for a couple of these!  Reality is, some of my favorite family pictures were impromptu.  Last year, Ayden didn’t want to stand so Ayla sat down beside her & they laughed about it.  Nate and I decided to just roll with it & one of my favorite photos was snapped because of my stubborn twonager. 😉

*Always a good idea to LOVE both a vertical & horizontal image before you load the family up and call it a day, for Holiday Card options of course. 🙂

Hope this helps when planning your family photo shoot! Thanks for stopping by!
xox – Karlie

O U T F I T  D E T A I L S

Ayla’s Look: 

Ayden’s Look:

My Look: 

Nate’s Look:  

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