Tanceuticals Review

Okay girls, we are halfway through October & I think I lost my tan somewhere in September.  Anyone else missing the summer sun & glowing vitamin D benefits, but also loving this Fall weather?  What if I told you that you could have BOTH!!  What?!  I’ve been looking through some photos and found a few where I used Tanceuticals cc self tanning body lotion and face lotion with the tanning mitt & the results still amaze me!  I will be using this stuff all Fall and Winter long and here’s why…

Reason #1: The formula is super natural looking and also long-lasting.  When I was in high school I tanned WAY TOO MUCH & I was orange.  No joke… Looking back now I wish I wouldn’t have, but I was young & naive.  So, I went searching for a product that was safe and uv/tanning bed free & Tanceuticals is rated #1 by selftanning.com.

Reason #2: The self tanner by Tanceuticals is infused with healthy cosmeceuticals that moisturize, repair and tone your skin.  I didn’t break out or have a reaction after applying, and my skin is on the sensitive side, so this was a BIG DEAL. 🙂

Reason #3: The smell!  The lotions have a fresh coconut scent that eliminates that self tanner “smell” everyone dislikes.

Reason #4: The CC (Color + Correct) Effect!  Not only does your skin glow, it also feels firmer and more moisturized.

Here are some photos that I took after applying the Tanceutials Body + Face CC Self Tanning Kit.

Right after applying both the face + body lotion with mitt

1 day after applying body lotion with mitt

Happy Tuesday Gals! As always, thanks so much for stopping by!


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