Part 2 // Botox & Fillers

FINALLY…it’s time to show you the before & during photos of my Botox & Filler experience with Monarch Plastic Surgery & Kristen Kneidel!

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By now, you all know how I am obsessed with skin care.  When I was in high school I tanned soooooo much.  Like it was kind of scary how many times a week I would go.  My skin took a beating and now I’m trying to make up for that and focus on age prevention.

I recently did a New YOU in the New YEAR post with Monarch Plastic Surgery & Nurse Injector/Beauty Expert Kristen Kneidel.  We all had SO MUCH FUN, it was a no brainer to do Part 2! 🙂 

See those forehead wrinkles…

Keys to a perfect visit: Arnica, Champagne & Great friends! 😉

Botox is such a quick and painless procedure.  Kristen does an amazing job of making sure you feel comfortable throughout the entire visit. The results will truly help with aging and wrinkles plus it adds a little glow where you may have lost it!  (I will share below)

Time for the fillers in my lips…

I say this ALL THE TIME, but Kristen is truly an artist!  I love her work!

Lots of ice.  I know a lot of you have heard that the lip filler procedure hurts. I think it’s sometimes an uncomfortable procedure, but I truly didn’t think it was painful.  The ice and type of filler Kristen uses helps with pain & I think if you go in with an end result in mind, you’ll do amazing. 😉

Selfie Central…I’m not INTO myself, but this is truly the BEST way you all can see the results at work.  This is the night after the procedure.  As you can see my lips are swollen & tender.  This is completely normal after a soft tissue filler.  To help reduce swelling, I iced my lips and took an oral Arnica tablet and also used Arnica gel two days before & am still using it now.

It’s also important to avoid strenuous exercise and sun exposure the day of treatment & 48 hours following.

IMPORTANT: Botox takes about 10-14 days to completely set.  Lip fillers could take 2-3 weeks before they are perfected.   I am sharing this post after 4 days, so technically these are still the DURING photos.  I have scheduled a follow-up appointment with Kristen & she will evaluate everything.  Have I mentioned she is a perfectionist?!  I will add the AFTER photos in 2-3 weeks. 😉

If you feel like your skin has lost some glow or you’re starting to look at age prevention and skincare, I would strongly suggest giving Kristen at Monarch Plastic Surgery a call!


Okay, I’m going to quickly answer the top 4 questions you all sent me after reading Part 1.  These were all answered by our amazing expert, Kristen!

1: Q: After botox and fillers, can I get a wax or dermaplane?
A: After Botox it is best to wait 2-3 days before a wax or dermaplane.


2. Q: Is there anything I need to take before coming into my appointment to help with bruising or swelling?
A: You can take oral Arnica Montana which is a homeopathic remedy to cut down on bruising and swelling. Generally it is found at natural food markets and online stores. It is certainly not necessary , but for clients who know they bruise easily, this works great.


3.Q: How long should I wait after botox &/or fillers before hitting the gym again?
A: For Botox, I would wait 24 hours.  After Fillers, I would wait 48 hours.


4. Q: In a normal week, do you see patients in the 20-30 age group, 30-40 age group or 50 & up?
A: I see tons of patients in all age groups (HONESTLY, equal) My youngest client is 19 and my oldest is 80 at this time.  In a normal day, I have patients in all of these age ranges. You’re never too young or too old to take care of your skin!


xox- Karlie


 Have any questions about the procedures I tried? Leave them in the comments below! 😉 Also- A HUGE shout out to my friends (Heidi & Jessica) for coming along and snapping photos, holding my hands & sipping some bubbly. #findyourtribe #lovethem #ididitfortheblog 😉 Lastly, I wouldn’t let just anyone put a needle to my face, so a BIG thank you to Kristen for being a perfectionist & taking pride in her work! 

5 thoughts on “Part 2 // Botox & Fillers”

  1. Well done Karlie. You will have slight swelling in your lips for two to three weeks so your results aren’t there yet. Botox takes 10-14 days to set up so in about a week you’ll be all set!!!

    1. Thanks for clarifying Kristen! You’re so right, the photo I shared after the procedure is more like the RIGHT AFTER. Like you said, lips are a journey & they are SOOO fun!

  2. Loved the article and the detail expressed, very informative. If (and when) I’m ready for fillers, I’ll know where to come.
    Your sweet personality shines right through your writing and it’s very enjoyable for the readers. Loved reading this update and looking forward to the next one.

  3. Love this! You truly seemed to enjoy every aspect of your visit! And as always your inner beauty shines through your work! Thanks for letting us tag along & sharing your adventure, what a great blog to follow!

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